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Dream and reality

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"The person cannot carry out the dreams in two cases:
When they are absolutely unrealizable and when after
The destiny wheel does a sudden turn, they turn
In something quite realizable, yes only you to it are not ready ".
Paulo Coelho.


To the treasured dream I went more than forty years.
Me often ask: "That to me prevented to carry out it earlier?"
On that there was a set of the reasons.
The information lack, fear or fear to get in Madhouse, (earlier in Soviet Union, with many transsexuals and arrived).Life problems, small children and a family. But the most important thing, I to it was not ready!
Today my dream - became a reality!

In this small article I wish to share with you a secret how to carry out the dream.
How not to make those errors for which the person then should regret very bitterly.

In the beginning of a way it seems to us, that it is necessary to make only one step, to accept a miracle tablet and our dream it will there and then be realised.
We as stagnant horses dart off and rush, like mad not noticing at times, what dangers trap us on it not easy, and a difficult way.

As well as many other things, I have first broken in this free, intoxicating I smother run.
But during any moment my internal voice to me has told: "Stop!
Will suffice from you Those errors which you have made in the life, accepting hasty and rash Decisions "!
The internal voice always tries to prompt to us the correct and true decision, but to the greatest regret we not always listen to it. We would like all and at once. We start to hurry time, it is literally forcing it, forcing the spiritual and physical nature. And the nature begins to us severely for it to revenge.
It leads to inevitable accidents both physical (the lost health), and moral.
It is possible to result tens, hundreds examples when the hasty, rash decision led to the deepest disappointment, the depressions, the broken life, and sometimes even in death.
Therefore do not hurry up! Before to make definitive decision to begin this not an easy way, All properly weigh and consider! Remember a wise saying: "More haste less speed!"

If you have already followed this way remember:
All in this life demands persistent, laborious work and that full understanding, that you do and for the sake of what. Imagine for a minute of the sculptor which will mould a sculpture "quickly"?
It will turn out rough and not beautiful.
It will be impossible to name such sculpture a work of art.
And we are, some kind of sculptors who create the, unique and fine creation.
And how we will create this creation, its further destiny depends.
We constantly should remember, that a material from which we create and we mould the new image, is very gentle and fragile.
Enough one careless movement and all will be lost and destroyed. For ever!

Once I for myself have solved.
Let my dream will be carried out for a year or two later, but I should know: Where I go? What by?
Also what waits for me on this way?
I should be ready to accept that the Destiny will present to me, and all will be зависить only from me most And from my daily, hourly laborious work, for which finally as it has appeared, I on advantage have been rewarded.

There is a natural question how to find this way?
Where to take a card which would show true road?
It here, nearby. Simply we, at times it do not notice, or we do not wish to notice.
We always find to ourselves the justification, referring on strong employment and shortage of time.
But when there is a trouble, we complain about injustice of Destiny. We are ready to accuse of the errors everybody, but only not ourselves and not the laziness. And after all answers lay literally at us underfoot.
It is necessary to work and lift a little, only, that for us our predecessors have left, The past this way from the beginning and up to the end. To lift and study them, really, invaluable experience.

Today it is possible to find a large quantity of sites in the Internet on gender and transgender subjects.
It is a lot of sites which are created by transsexuals and for transsexuals.
But, believe to my experience, not all from these numerous the Web of resources can be of use for you.
The majority of them, enticing people false promises about fast transformation and finding of a new body, recommending to accept the certain, expensive hormonal preparations in the "horse" dosages putting an irreparable harm to health (since not each person accepts that, or other hormonal preparation. About it you in detail can read in a heading: Medicine: The review of techniques of operations, hormonal therapy (HRT) ,
simply speaking, prepare young "gun meat" for the pornoindustry and a various sort of sex services.
Carrying out thus, some kind of "the social order" bigwigs of this business.
Therefore, carefully select and analyze the information.
Search for it on sites which have already proved with good the parties.
Sites where you can receive the authentic and truthful information from people successfully passed this way and transferring this experience by another.
By right it is considered one of such resources a site of professor Lynn Conway,
recognised authority on the scientific world and among transsexuals. On this site you will find numerous references to its articles which have helped very many people with the world. And I am one of them.
Thanks to that, really the invaluable information which I have received on its site, my dream became a reality.
I am grateful to it for it! I as am very grateful to Russian-speaking conference TGrus.
You will not find so much information in one library, how many is stored in archive of this conference.

Recently, I often hear about the disappointment which has comprehended some transsexuals,The past transition.
In my opinion, it could occur only in that case when the person like mad rushed on a meeting to the dream, making on a way set of errors. And the most important thing it was not ready to accept that to it the Destiny as a result has presented.

In this occasion I wish to result one more citation of my favourite writer Paulo Koelho:

"Four obstacles stirring to dream realisation:
1. Suggestion to the person (since the childhood) that its desire and dream are impracticable.
2. The love (fear of that if all to throw and follow the dream, thereby you will hurt also sufferings to the relatives) the one who really loves and wishes good, is always ready to go on a victim for the sake of favourite and will try to understand and support it in a way.
3. Fear of failures and defeats.
Possess patience during the difficult moments of a life and always remember, that all Universe promotes that your desire was carried out.
The sense of life in that seven times to fall and eight to rise to the feet.
We should suffer in order that when failures and defeats remain behind - and they by all means remain behind, - we learn sensation of full happiness and we begin to trust ourselves more.
4. Fear before execution of dream of all his life.
"People always destroy that love most strongly" Oscar Uajld.
When the person having passed a difficult and heavy way to the dream, has almost reached it, he starts to feel in the soul - feeling of fault. Thinking, that it is unworthy.
From all obstacles this most artful.
Only when the person realises, that is worthy that, for what he so passionately struggled, it becomes the tool in hands of the Lord, and to it the sense of its stay here, on the Earth "opens. "

On mine, you will not tell better.

And still.
From my dialogue with all who passed this way, not hurrying up and gradually, after realisation of the dream of disappointments and regrets was not, and is not present.
All of them are happy and live a normal, high-grade life.
Exceptions make, only unsuccessfully performed operations.
But here, as it seems to me, have probably hurried with a choice of the surgeon or a technique.

I would like to address to my young both very impatient girlfriends and friends.
Darlings, my dear!
I in a kind way envy your youth.
Hold your horses!
Do not fly like mad.
Short step behind a short step move to the treasured dream.
More think, analyze, use experience of those who has passed already through all it,
And only then make the decision.

You sure, I am convinced that, to find themselves and that the only correct path, which does not lead you to success!

And yet. I will share with you the most important secret.
Do not think that is not possible to carry out their dream.
It is necessary to WANT IT VERY STRONGLY only!
All on Earth and in life is subject to certain laws. And one of those laws that affect our lives, change our lives, is the law of gravity!
If a person very much wants something and constantly thinks about it - it materialize his thoughts.
If you are setting yourself that you will not work, then you really do not and will be out.
Poor will - The poor.Ill - the sick, etc.
A strong and confident, not loops on the problems go forward and reach its goal.
They make their dream - a reality!
Depending on who thinks what and what is afraid, and then he gets in this life.
So this law is working. This attracts like!
Believe me, it works. And nobody or nothing can prevent this.
This, one of the most important secrets of life revealed in his works a remarkable writer
Paulo Coelho:

"If you want something, very strongly,
the whole universe will help to ensure
Your desire to have come true.".
Paulo Coelho.


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