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Councils for "TS"

Alina Petrova. Personal page of the author..

There can be these councils will help also to you to become more womanly.
They are based on my supervision over women and on my personal experience.
I the extremist, therefore strongly carp at myself [from it and I suffer].
But it helps me to be such what I am. Perhaps, some points will not suit you and will not help you.
They have helped me.


People often perceive us [women] at subconscious level,and this perception develops of set of small external factors
to which I wish to pay your attention.

- Softness.
Women, unlike men, softer in actions and movements.
Try to do all not sharply and with force, and it is soft and beautiful. It can be shown in everything.
For example, when you sit down in the bus. Try to flop not simply, and softly to sit down, accurately correcting a dress or a coat. Sit, not having placed a foot, and having connected them together.
The back should be always a straight line! It is beautiful. Or, for example, you have decided to choose any goods in shop.
Touch it slowly, not looking sharply on the parties. Do all gracefully and not so quickly, well and so on.
Still pay attention to one important moment! All should look natural, instead of is artificial! It comes in due course.
And the main thing that it went from within! People will quickly notice artificiality.

- Gait.
Remember always a direct back! It also will visually increase your breast. At gait try to put feet as if go on a line.

- A back.
If you have to stoop to life, always try! remember this and keep the back straight.
I know this is difficult. But beauty requires much effort and sacrifice

- Feet.
If at you a foot slightly () or absolutely (), ALWAYS!!!, when stand, try to straighten force them.
At you a lot of time can leave on straightening of feet, not year and can not two. It is necessary to have patience.
But then you awake to be proud of direct feet. And still whenever possible carry footwear which to you is slightly small.
The footwear always will squeeze a few foot, and the foot can decrease.

- Hands.
Watch them always! That under nails there was no dirt that nails were accurately hair or the manicure has been made.
If you yet on a ful-time, can paint with their transparent or nacreous varnish. If awake to paint colour, necessarily pay attention to colour. It should be in style and harmony with your clothes or a hair colour [if they at you bright colour]
I will recollect about "Softness" [to look above]. In public places try to do by hands smooth, womanly movements. Keep for hand-rail in transport in a female way. Pay attention, that in most cases women keep for hand-rail at all how men.

- A head.
Too it is necessary to watch it. It is impossible to go with a dirty head. The dirty head at the woman is more appreciable,
than at the man. Watch a hairdress. At all it different, but the main thing that it liked you and went

- Cosmetics.
If you not on a ful-time I can advise nothing. Any cosmetics will be appreciable [if, of course, to look narrowly], and people can not so to understand. Though a little bit!!! A voice-frequency cream, slightly!!! Blush and slightly moisture resistant [that casually has not begun to flow] hulks, will not prevent. Only it is not necessary to be painted! It is necessary to make so that it was practically imperceptible, at the same time, slightly underlined some lines of the person.
If you on a ful-time to be painted it is necessary and it is possible, when necessary and as much as necessary. I only do not like refined vulgarity in a make-up. The cosmetics, in my opinion, should underline only your beauty, instead of paint over and not cross out it.
If you are not able to be painted, buy any female magazines, «Cosmopolitan» for example, and attentively consider, how models there are made up. Take cosmetics and try to repeat on the person everything, that will see. Be not afraid of 100 times to try, get experience!
Earlier I thought - well what for to buy very expensive cosmetics of known world firms? After all it is possible to buy the cheap. And money I will save, and it is more than cosmetics the purchase.
Here also bought the cheap. And then something so has got, and money was, and it wanted to surprise itself and to make pleasant [oh... Infrequently it happens!] is shorter, has bought expensive cosmetics! Well and, certainly, has made up.
Ммм... YES! The effect was available!!! More precisely on the person!
If earlier my person [when is made up] looked, as though is painted эмальной by a paint, [and on sensation and by the form] that now the paint on the person at all is not felt. It as though is absorbed in a skin, both the person gets a fresh and natural shade. Thus skin pores are not corked, and the skin breathes. Besides at once it is appreciable, that cosmetics expensive. It absolutely in another way shines and looks!
For example, earlier I used cheap lipstick and shine. Also thought, that like everything is all right. But when I have tried expensive lipstick...!!! It not to transfer. Lips to look became very sexual. Shine became... Well it is necessary to see it. I can not explain.
Or we will tell blush. Absolutely other effect unlike cheap stuff.
Or here shades. They began to keep all the day long! They also look much more attractively and more beautifully.
And still, they suffice for longer time.

- Clothes.
Here too it is necessary to observe certain style. Put on so that not to be ridiculous and silly. It does not mean, that it is necessary to buy expensive clothes. Though, of course, expensive sits is much better and looks. It is possible to put on not so expensively and stylishly. Still try to change clothes more often. Women more often men do it.

- A smell.
About, it is very important! Find the favourite spirits. Them can be a little. Do not forget, that men love eyes and a nose [besides a stomach]. Still I can advise to use in the morning fresher smell of perfume, and by the evening more sexual, sweet. But it is to a clod that is pleasant.

- Dialogue.
I have noticed, communicating with men, that the last try to predominate in conversation. The man likes to be the leader, and he often tries, that its word was last and conclusive. So men are arranged. It was first difficult to me to get used to it, after all I was such. But now I have got used to be the second, when I with the man. [The second, but not the minor!]
In conversation with the man be womanly, fragile, vulnerable, desired, sexual. Let to it know, that you - the weaker sex. And you will see, how it will estimate it!
To women talk on the equal. Do not show to them, that to you any theme which interests them, is uninteresting.
Be not afraid to speak about linings, monthly, children, cosmetics, men, clothes... [Only do not show off!].
They should get used to you.
It is my private practice, and it can not to approach all.
To thicket smile. Be graceful and womanly.
I will be glad, if you will be helped by my councils.

The material is printed with the permission of the author
Alina Petrova

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