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Generally, each time when I hear a word "council" I recollect an old joke:
"Whether it is possible to have sex" among white day ", in the centre of Kiev on a Kreschatik?
- It is impossible!
- Why?
- Advisers will be much! "
But, in this case, I very much hope, that some my councils and recommendations, really will appear to someone are useful and necessary.
Everything about what I will tell hardly more low, is checked up on itself!
And if someone, thanking these councils and recommendations, avoids many errors, I only will be glad to it.


The first, and the most important my council:
Necessarily subscribe for Russian-speaking conference TGrus groups.;
From archive of this conference you will gather for yourselves so much helpful information and councils, how many you will not find on one site on Т* to subjects in the Russian-speaking Internet. And dialogue with the people close to you on Т*, and ready at any moment to render you the feasible help, will go to you only on advantage!
Decision-making on the beginning transition.
Before to make the definitive decision on the beginning transition, you should consider and weigh all carefully.
Not speak for nothing: "Seven times measure - once cut off"!
The main thing do not hurry up. Put before itself some question, and try fairly, as though it was made by absolutely extraneous person, from the party, them to answer.
First, how much your desire to replace a floor is proved and great?
Try to analyse all life to this important point when you should make the decision.
Whether you thought of this step since the earliest childhood, or it was showed at you more recently?
You see, and can feel yourself as the high-grade Person in an opposite sex body, or to you to like only to change clothes in their clothes.
If you have a family and children, whether you are ready to offer the family happiness and well-being, that happens in a life when people dare at this important step more often.
Whether you are ready, for the sake of this step, to offer the career and the social status?
You the strong personality, or not? Whether you can transfer those difficulties, a pain, insults, sneers and humiliations which can expect you on it not a simple and difficult way?
Whether will break you all it?
It only the small part of those questions which you should set to yourselves and fairly on them answers.
If, though on one of the put questions you answer negatively, - you do not need to do this step, in order to avoid that finally, the rash act, can lead to vital accident, and not only yours, but also people close and expensive to you.
Consult with the experts knowing and understanding Т* problems.
That is why I, first of all, have advised to subscribe for Russian-speaking conference
TGrus groups where you will find answers to many questions exciting you.
Look for other variants of display of yours Т*individual.
Can be you will satisfy only disguise in opposite sex clothes?
Sometimes, it is enough to person to be CD - ?, or TV - , and it is quite satisfied by this role.
Words: before to make the definitive decision, THINK, THINK, and once again THINK!
When the decision is already accepted.
If you have begun the transition, try slowly, gradually to move on Т* ways.
Do not rush like mad to an ultimate goal.
The clever saying says: "More haste, less speed!", and still: "more haste, less speed!"
Haste in Т* business, is absolutely inadmissible!
It can lead you only to accident! Constantly it remember!
The following recommendation concerns TS MtF.
As soon as you have made the definitive decision on the beginning transition, at once begin
To do Epilyaciya do not linger. Remember that on removal of hair from your person will leave about 600-700 hours.
And it, about a year, and even all two.

Do not appoint to itself HRT!
The knowing doctor-expert which to the greatest regret, for today very much and it is not enough should do it.
Remember that appointment HRT especially individually for each person.
Here very many factors are important: age, weight, the growth, the transferred and current diseases and also many other things. And how it is correct and what, to you will be appointed a course HRT, depends not only your health, but also duration of your life.
At correctly appointed course HRT, life expectancy of transsexuals precisely same, as well as at usual people.

Do not hasten to pass on FullTime.
Try to achieve at first, though any Passability. It is very important in display avoidance in relation to you from a society, a transphobia, intolerance, sneers,
And at times and rough, physical violence. And you will feel more more confident and more comfortable, knowing, that you almost than do not differ from usual people of an opposite sex.
Посторайтесь to receive the inquiry, and to have its a little notarially certified copies, from your psychotherapist, the psychiatrist, or the sexopathologist, about following maintenances:

The inquiry is given First name, middle initial, last name
In that It/it consists on the account (the name medical haus)
With the diagnosis: transsexualism (the nuclear form).
The patient/patient prepares for operative treatment (to operation on floor change).
The press. Date and the signature.

To have on hands such document very important, especially for inhabitants of the CIS countries, in avoidance of conflicts to law enforcement bodies.
Remember that in due course and furthermore with course application HRT, your appearance will cardinally vary, and not conformity of that your appearance which is in your documents, can lead undesirable incidients.
And you, with such inquiry, especially, if you already will pass by then on
FullTime, will feel more more confident and quieter.


As soon as you will achieve Passability, gradually pass on FullTime.
Be afraid of nothing. Adjust itself as the actor, or the actress for a role new to.
I am a woman! Or, I am a man! I In the circumstances offered!
Think! Analyze! Arrive, as representatives of an opposite sex.
Prepare your relatives, neighbours and friends, for your new social role.
Give with them "heart-felt" talks, explaining and showing to the example, that transsexuals are same normal people, as well as they.
Т*, for associates it is not infectious, and they can be absolutely quiet.
All not clear and unknown, instal fear and fear in people, and accordingly forces them to include at itself protective reaction which at times happens also aggressive.
Do not impose to them violently, the opinion, and the outlooks on life.
People are necessary for overpersuading easy and patiently. Even if on it a lot of time is required.
Let's to them read interesting truthful articles on Т* a theme, show interesting films, telecasts, the Internet sites!
Be not afflicted, if some of your close friends and neighbours from you to turn away, and will cease to communicate with you. It is natural and inevitable process from which anywhere you will not get to. In such cases to itself speak: "that the God does not do All - to the best"!
It, some kind of, check of people as speak "on pediculosis".
Believe, you still will have new, real friends and girlfriends.

Learn to put on not brightly, but it is beautiful and with taste.
Try to look how most usual people, not involving to itself of special attention.

The first "an exit in people", in the status new to, try to make with someone of relatives, or friends who understand you and support.
Avoid very populous, and during too time of poorly populated places.
And as, do not walk on streets too late.

If from associates, you, suddenly, have faced displays of a transphobia, insults in your address and sneers, - try not to contact in the senseless conflict, and as soon as possible, but with a high head, to leave this place.
You should be above all it!
Also remember, those underdeveloped geeks who try to offend and discompose you, your little finger do not stand! You the elite!
It not given as you to live TWO LIVES! They,still before GREENHORNS!

If in relation to you it is shown though the slightest violence, - no embarrassment to call
Someone to the aid!

How to struggle with depression?

Here at everyone the methods.
One accept demulcents, that in my opinion, is not absolutely correct decision.
Others, their number includes also I, remove stres auto-training, auto-suggestion, the sports, a healthy way of life.
Somehow time was looked by me in a mirror, have seen there the reflexion and have cried:
"About, horror! Really it I? Well, what of you the woman! Ugliness any!"
It was enough that with me the hysterics, and accordingly depression has begun.
I would not know to what all it have resulted, if my best girlfriend Belief has not advised to me:
NO SEE IN THE MIRROR WHILE YOU PASS transition <glossari.html>!
Well, and if You look, repeat to yourself every day:

There are such moments in a life when it seems, that it loses any sense.
It can be caused the different reasons: friends have turned away, close people, a transphobia and intolerance from a society surrounding us and people have betrayed. Absence or shortage of money.
Disorders on work, and another much much.
What it is possible to advise in this situation?
Look at all it on the other hand.
First Supreme sends us tests in hope, that we will successfully overcome them.
Secondly It will not send us tests more than we can sustain!
At many people in the situation World happen much more difficult and more abruptly, than at me.
I see! I hear! I move! I live!
Every morning rises and tenderly the Sun shines! Sing and chirp birds! Flowers are dismissed!
The life, despite of everything, is fine and surprising!
And then, I know, that desperate situations there is no!
After a black strip it will be obligatory white. I know, will be indispensable!
Вообщем, drive away it, grief-grief-melancholy.
If, really very strongly you love a life, it will by all means love you!
SRS(Sex Reassigment Surgey).
There is passed an uneasy way from decision-making on the beginning transition, and here you already are at its final stage. Ahead SRS(Sex Reassigment Surgey).
What recommendations here can be?
in the first place, it is necessary to solve: by what technique you wish to perform operation,
And who to you will do this operation?
Here still sharply there is an important question - a question of money.
Remembering a wise saying: "Avaricious pays twice"! It is necessary to choose for itself that variant which would combine two components the price - quality.
And that they, though somehow have been approached to each other.
Sometimes it is necessary to wait, save up a few a little more money what to perform such operation better and it is safe, than in a pursuit of cheapness, вследствии poor-quality operation, to lose health and to become the invalid.
Again, again I will repeat a gold rule: TAKE YOUR TIME!
Now on the Internet a lot of the various information on this theme. Search, look, compare, analyze, carefully all взвесте and think over, and only then make the definitive decision.
Here, on this site, in section Medicine,you can get acquainted with some techniques SRS which are applied today in the world.

And the last.
Remember: to All the time! Do not advance event! Do not run ahead of a steam locomotive!
If to you it is foreordained by Destiny to pass Т* a way, you it will pass, sooner or later.
Think! Analyze! Search!
You it is obligatory, I am convinced of it, will find for myself that unique and correct way which will result you in success!
Believe in itself and in the forces!
Trust in the dream and it will by all means be carried out!
After all you are worthy Т*!

"If you want something, very strongly,
the whole universe will help to ensure
Your desire to have come true.".
Paulo Coelho.

Autor ® Zhanna Wilde, 2007.

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