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gender and transgender

About the author.

On this page you can find references to the Internet resources on transgender subjects.
Conferences and forums. Sites and personal pages for MtF and FtM transsexuals.
Sites medical haus dealing with problems transexuals.
Public organisations and much, many other things.
I hope, as this information will be useful to you. And in many cases even it is necessary

The author of a site.


Gender, feminism
Gender researches, the feministic theory and practic.
Community LGBT
Portals, thematic resources
the lesbi/gay/bi/trans
Sexuality, surgery Clinics
English-Internet trans
Sites and the page.
For MtF
Sites and personal pages.
For FtM
Sites and personal pages

 Gender, feminism .
 Gender researches,
 the feministic theory and practice
    Community LGBT .
   Portals, thematic resources
   the lesbi/gay/bi/trans
Information portal
"Woman"[ Russia ]
  Russia conference "TGrus"
for transsexuals,transvestist and familys .(RUS)
The Sisters :
Center for assistance from sexual violence.(RUS)
  Russia conference
"TG-medical-rus", for mrdical.(RUS)
Ukraine Feminism. All People-sisters.[ Ukr. ]
  GAY.RU: Russian portal gay,
lesbi, bi and transsexuals.(RUS)
Global Fund for Women   | ENG |   |ENG |
Gender academia.   | ENG |   LESBIRU.COM.
National russian portal lesbi. (RUS)
  Russian Net LGBT-organisation.(RUS)
  Israel portal gay, bi, lesbi
and transsexuals [Heb][Eng]
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  Sexuality, Clinic Surgery.
   English - Web resources
 Transgenders Web Sites and the Web page.
Russian Centre Surgery RAM (RUS)   Web Site  Lynn Conway
article,photogallery,and.| eng |
Medical center plastic sergery
"PARACELS 2001" Adamyan R.T.
  Melanie Anne Phillips. USA . Post-op TS MtF.
Сайт поддержки ТС. [eng.]
Web Site professor M.M.Sokolschik   TransYouth Family Allies
Center doctor Protasov
Sergery plastic.(RUS)
  TG search engine - over 31000 links   | eng |
Kamol Cosmetic Hospital.   TransMentors International Inc.
Dr.Suporn.The Suporn Clinic. [eng.]   | eng |
Gary J.Aiter,M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. [eng.]
  Transsexual Road Map  | eng |
Center Phsichoaters. [Moskow,Arbat 25.](RUS)
  FtM International.   | eng |
Links russian medical resurses. (RUS)   The pages Alex Fox.   | eng |
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 For MtF
 Sites and personal pages. (RUS)
   For FtM
 Sites and personal pages. (RUS)
Web Site  Lynn Conway
article,photogallery,and.| eng |
Информационный ресурс для FtM транссексуалов.
Trans-tema. Site, forum for transsecsuals (Rus)   Russian FtM Transgender.
Forum for transsecsuals (Rus).
  Группа «FtM-Феникс»
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