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Transexuais e Médicos


Transexuais e Médicos

Sobre as técnicas para a Cirurgia de Readequação Sexual e Hormonioterapia.

 About the author.

Aqui você poderá encontrar métodos para a terapia hormonal da pessoa transexual, tendo também vídeos e amostras
de como é tudo isso.


Hormones (HRT)

Zhanna Wilde Hormones MtF Zhanna Wilde.
Hormones trnssexuals MtF
(Details, a dosages.)
S.Y.Calinchenko S.Y.Calinchenko.
Possibilities of hormonal therapy " (RUS)

Hormones Hormone Treatment in Transsexuals.
The review of foreign techniques.
Hormones MtF Hormonal therapy.
The short review. Methods. (RUS)

Transsexual Hormone Therapy FAQ (ENG)

Surgery (SRS)

Lynn Conway Lynn Conway.
Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)
The Internet the reference
Lynn Conway Lynn Conway.
Vaginoplasty: Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)
Surgery N.O.Milanov, R.T.Adamyan, K.B.Lipski.
Surgical treatment of male-to-female transsexuals
Surgery R.T.Adamyan, N.O.Milanov, G.V.Pyatov.
Masculinlzation mammaplasty
in transsexuals FtM

Surgery N.O.Milanov, R.T.Adamyan, G.I.Kozlov
Complications of microsurgical phalloplasty
in transsexuals
A.R.Gumanov A.R.Gumanov
"Neovaginoplasty with one-stage
plastic neovagina thresholds". (RUS)

Surgery MtF
The review of techniques vaginoplasty
at MtF transsexuals. (RUS)

Surgery MtF
Vaginoplasty penal inversion:
medical reviews. (RUS)

Sex reassignment surgery,Bangkok,Thailand

Surgery Transsexual Women's Resources
Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)
Results of SRS

Surgery N.O.Milanov, R.T.Adamyan, G.I.Kozlov.
Adaptation of transsexuals
After surgical of a sex change.(RUS)

Surgery James Bellringer
The sensate neoclitoris -
Gender Reassignment Surgery

Orchidectomy for theTranssexual Woman.

Surgery R.T.Adamyan,N.O.Milanov.
Complications of microsurgical phalloplasty.(RUS)

Post-Surgical Responses
Lynn Conway Lynn Conway
A warning for those considering MtF SRS
Zhanna Wilde. Zhanna Wilde.
How to make to itself a prick

Injections. A management. (RUS)
Zhanna Wilde. Zhanna Wilde.
Recommendations for MtF TS

The post-operational period. (RUS)


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The Sex Changers - Thailand
Dr. Marci Bowers. Sex Change (SRS) part 1
Kamol Cosmetic Hospital
Dr. Marci Bowers. Sex Change (SRS) part 2
Dr Michael Brownstein Talks Top Surgery
FFS with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout



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