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Female features
About us beautiful

 About the author.

As is known, any woman dreams to be beautiful and attractive.
For the transsexual it is important in twins.
From that as you look, and as you submit yourselves, will be and the corresponding relation to you of associates. I think, what not each transsexual would like to hear to itself in a trace:
"Look! Look - the Man in a skirt has gone!"
That it has not occurred, it is necessary for you to learn all volume that know and usual women are able: beautifully and to taste to put on, learn to go, sit, talk.
To do a correct make-up, to look after the body and much many other things.
The given heading urged to help you with it.
Many articles and recommendations of leading visagistes, designers and other experts in the field of beauty, will be rather useful not only to transgenders, but also for the majority of usual women.

The author of a site.


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Trans Academy

Councils from TGirl Planet (RUS)

Which Little girl everyone the Trance in the world should know things.

Work on a figure (RUS)
Give to the figure additional volume.

We study to go (RUS)
Beautiful bearing and gait. As it to achieve.

5 rules on transformation of lacks into advantages (RUS)
There are some receptions masking all problem zones of a figure.
In this article we will result some of them

Your reflexion in a mirror (RUS)
When you are looked in a mirror, what you see?
If you are similar to the majority of women, you see not that in it is reflected.

Clothes and style

Elegance secret (RUS)

Our representations about elegance, beauty and appeal.

The black list of inexcusable errors in clothes (RUS)
How correctly to pick up colour scale. Necessary accessories. Style.

10 nuances in clothes for full people (RUS)
It is necessary to be able to select correctly clothes which not only hid superfluous kgs.

How many bras at the present woman? (RUS)
To each clothes - the model, but also here is selection and combination subtleties.
What bras should be in your linen arsenal

How to pick up a bathing suit (RUS)
After all he, as well as any other clothes, can favourably underline your advantages,and can bare to looks of the associates, all your lacks.

7 necessary female things (RUS)
These seven ornaments should be in clothes of each woman.

All about female stockings and stockings (RUS)
Small sketch about stockings and stockings. Councils and recommendations.

Define the size
Tables of definition of clothing sizes and underwear.

International Bra Size Calculator
Once you have taken your measurements, simply enter them in the appropriate fields and click on Calculate.




Wigs and hairdresses

All about wigs (RUS)
How correctly to choose a wig and as for it to look after.

Hairdresses (RUS)
How to make to itself a hairdress. (The Web Link)

Make-up and cosmetics

Councils about a make-up (RUS)
Recommendations about cosmetics, make-up and image

10 universal cunnings in a make-up (RUS)
Today known visagistes share with you the secrets.

Lessons of make-up (RUS)
How correctly to make a make-up. Skill secrets. (The Web Link)

The cosmetics world (RUS)
All about modern cosmetics. (The Web Link)

Ink. Beautiful eyes, fluffy eyelashes (RUS)
How correctly to paint eyelashes. Six rules of beautiful eyelashes.

How correctly to pull out eyebrows? (RUS)
Eyebrows require both special leaving, and in careful tracking their form.

Secrets of an attractive sight (RUS)
French visagiste Alin Shmitt - about secrets of an attractive sight.

Beautiful lips (RUS)
For lips it is necessary to approach to a choice of lipstick with special attention.

Lipstick secrets (RUS)
All about lipstick. (The Web Link)

Skin Care (RUS)
Rules of care of the skin.(The Web Link)

How to look younger for 10 years? (RUS)
Cosmetic cunnings.

How to eliminate bags under eyes? (RUS)
Bags under eyes extremely difficultly mask a voice-frequency cream or powder.

Facial massage (RUS)
Facial massage - a necessary part of cosmetic care of a skin.

Massage against морщин (RUS)
Pledge of efficiency of a rejuvenating facial massage - its regularity.

Care face (RUS)
Peeling of the face.

Spring face care (RUS)
Masks for a gentle skin.

How correctly to look after a neck and a decollete (RUS)
Decollete care in house conditions.

Undertook a breast - so speak something (RUS)
Existing myths about a female breast.





Manicure and Pedicure

Secrets of beautiful nails (RUS)
The manicure is separate article in «the Beauty Code» any woman.

Five rules of house manicure (RUS)
How correctly to make to itself manicure.

All about a pedicure (RUS)
Rules. Secrets and methods. (The Web Link)

Video Tutorial

Learn Tutorial Make-up

Beau Nelson's Essential Make-Up Tips: Easy Smokey Eyes
What surprised me was learning that you don't have to be too neat when applying the make-up.

Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to achieve a natural simple look with makeup.

Makeup Lessons - LOOK HOT in 5 Minutes
Work hard. Play hard. That's Camille's motto. As the Research Coordinator of the Neurology Department at Beth Israel, spare time is a myth. But, she always makes time for fun!

Feminization make up guide trailer
For every fan of crossdressing, sissification and forced feminization.



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