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Electroepilyacia to itself

Personal page of the author.

On this page I would like to tell to you about electroepilyacia. Why electroepilyacia, instead of we will tell "laser" or "bio" which with improbable speed extend recently in salons. The matter is that for today in the world, it is impossible to get rid of growth of hair on a body, FOR EVER, except as a method электроэпиляции. All other methods, meanwhile are, are not so effective. It is checked up on itself and repeatedly proved by experience of many other things "TS". For today, only electroepilyacia yields positive results. All the rest if to you promise other method to relieve from growth of hair FOR EVER, - The cleanest water charlatanism.


Very difficultly in one small article to tell about much. That whom fuller and exhaustive information on the given question interests, I can recommend to subscribe for conference TGrus groups where you can find answers to questions interesting you. In this article, I would like to share with you those data and small experience which I have and which can be useful and to you.

The general information

Electroepilyacia it is applied in Europe since 40th years of last century. In its basis removal of hair by influence by an electric current on a hair bulb (follicle) lays. The current moves through a thin needle which is entered into a skin on depth of an arrangement of a hair follicle where there is a destruction ростковой hair zones. Now there are some methods electroepilyacia.

In this case electroepilation it is spent by means of a high-frequency alternating current.
The electric impulse is caused by instant heating and, accordingly, coagulation of nearby fabrics.
Advantage of the given method is speed of influence on a segment.
It allows to process big enough areas. Lack termolis is that demands absolutely exact hit in the bottom segment and it can appear insufficiently effective at work with the bent follicles.

Under the influence of a constant electric current round the needle electrode entered into a follicle, ions of sodium which, co-operating with a fabric liquid, form an alkali microdose that leads to destruction of a hair follicle are formed. Advantage of the given method is that he allows to work even with the bent channels as alkali is a liquid and can get into the bottom segment even in that case when it is inaccessible to the end of a needle electrode. Lack of the given method is that for removal of hair enough considerable quantity of time is required.

Bland ( eng. bland).
This method is based on simultaneous influence on a hair bulb электролизом and termolis. In this case all merits of these two methods provide a maximum of possible efficiency, and negative qualities are practically brought to naught.

Flash ( eng. flash).
At work in this mode деструкция occurs at influence of a high-frequency current as well as at termolis, but the exposition in this case several times is less. Lack same as well as at termolise. Prefixes SUPER, NEW, ULTRA and t.p. - it is only various variants and updatings of the basic methods, basic distinctions are not present.

We do Electroepilation to themselves

In given article I would like to consider and show you a method which I use not only I, but also majority MtF "TS".
This method is called "galvanic" or as it was written above, a method - Electrolis.
It has seemed to me more effect and the least painful. Simply the direct current gives the least percent of repeated growth, the least risk of damage of a skin, and is least exacting to accuracy of hit.
Thermolysis/coagulation method (with the high-frequency generator roasting a follicle as a microwave oven) demands high accuracy of hit. And it, without long-term experience is practically unreal. Therefore always there is a high risk scars and cavities from burns which can remain for ever. Before we will start to most electroepilation, it is necessary to collect the small device.
Be not frightened, it is completely not difficult.

We collect the device.

The best device for electroepilation to itself - self-made.
It consists:

1. A battery ("Crone") on 9 Volt.
Tonics: (a battery, it should suffice for two years, i.e. approximately for all time electroepilation; the power unit is undesirable).
2. Two not thick conducting.
3. A spoon, or, for example, a shovel for a pie from stainless steel.
4. Mechanical (cang) a pencil which fixes special electrodes (needles).
5. The bought special electrodes, thin needles about 0,1 mm, for electroepilation,
(More more in detail about them, I will tell hardly more low).
6. An increasing (concave) mirror with illumination. Or separately a mirror and an ordinary desk lamp.
7. Magnifying points, or special lenses.
Tonics: I still use the small push-button switch which can be got on any radio market. But it so for convenience to itself. In general it is possible to manage and without the switch, any regulators of a current etc. They, basically are not necessary.
And electronics especially.

What needle (electrodes) I use:

It is good to use needles of firm "Ballet" which take an in the lead place in the world market.

Needles for electroepilation happen three kinds:
- The isolated
- The gold
- A medical alloy
The isolated needle is covered by a layer of medical isolation in the thickness less than one micron. It is recommended to who has a high sensitivity to the unpleasant sensations arising at электролизе.
The gold needle is covered not containing nickel 24-karatnym by gold. The needle corresponds to requirements of the people, suffering an allergy and sensitivity of a skin, and also what skin negatively reacts to standard needles from a medical alloy.
The needle from a medical alloy is made of a steel nickel-chrome which is used in manufacture of thin surgical tools. The needle is ideal for people with the healthy skin well reacting to treatment electrolis.

The sizes:

To begin with epilyation is better will approach needles gros the size:
0,01мм, (in inches it is 0,004).
Then hardly is more thin: 0,07мм, (in inches it is 0,003).
For very thin hair: 0,08мм, (in inches it, 0,002).
To get them it is possible in специализированых shops trading in the equipment and accessories to hairdressing salons, beauty salons, and beauty salons.

Now it is necessary for us to collect all.
I have made it so:
On the handle (handle) of a shovel for a pie, I have drilled small hole, under a small screw with nut, and have fixed on it clame with solder a wire.
I have soldered the second wire from above to the pressing button "cang a pencil".
We take an old battery "Crone", cautious it is removed from it a plate where connection contacts are located.
Also we solder to contact which will be подсоеденен the MINUS, - conductings, solder to the button "cang a pencil".
And conductings which we have attached with the help clame to the handle of a shovel for a pie, we solder to contact which will incorporate to PLUS.
THAT, ON WHAT we COME (in our case, a shovel for a pie), ALWAYS - PLUS!
And THAT we TAKE away ("cang a pencil" which deprives of us hair), ALWAYS - the MINUS!
In case of an error of connection of a minus and plus, on the person there can be unpredictable consequences, (burn a person acid).

Technique electroepilacion to itself.

1. To take cotton wool moistened with spirit and wipe itself Needle and that place which we gather epilation.
2. To pull out tweezers a couple of hair, to know about "to depth залегания" follicles.
3. Cautiously, not hurrying up to insert Needle, (electrode) along hair growth, to a follicle.
Needle round hair, you will grope an aperture in which needle the first 1-2 mm, is inserted very easily and without serious consequences. "As a knife in oil"
Seldom, but happens, that it is possible to insert all 1,5 see also nothing to feel.
More often after the first 1-2 mm, a needle somewhere rests and at the further attempt
Its introductions the pricking pain is felt. You, as though pierce something, or pierce.
The same it is possible to feel and on depth 3-4 (it is rare 5) mm.
Hair are deeper 5мм lay very-very seldom.
4. As soon as you will enter a needle, it is necessary to come a bare foot on a spoon laying on a floor what thereby to close a chain.
Note:My The foot constantly is on a spoon, and I close a chain the push-button switch which I mentioned above.

At short circuit of a chain the following reaction occurs by you:
Water molecules collapse on ions H + and OH-.
Electron from "needle" incorporate to ions H + (protons), forming hydrogen, which as though выбулькивается on a skin surface (sometimes in the form of white foam - alkali with skin fat "soap").
In fabrics round a needle, first of all on a course of the blood vessels better spending a current, there are ions OH - i.e. alkali, it and kills a follicle, making blood vessels.

Note: It is impossible to move "needle" at the closed chain.
As at the submitted current "needle" easily "burn" fabrics, leaving aside from a follicle.
The area of contact of a foot with a spoon to regulate a current so that hair absolutely without efforts, without jerk it was taken out by tweezers approximately in 30 seconds.
To hold near to a mirror hours with seconds.
If a current too weak to wrap up a spoon a damp rag.
Jerk, т.е if hair is taken out with effort (it is pulled out with a pain) testifies that the follicle is not killed, and hair then will grow again.
Thickening on the end of the pulled out hair (in popular speech "root") - not the proof:
At inexact hit or an insufficient current the point of growth of hair remains in a skin not killed.
Presence or absence on the taken out hair of a whitish or transparent cover from fat has no value.
Naturally, before эпиляцией it is necessary to grow hair till the length at least 3 mm,
That the direction of growth of hair was visible and it was possible to grasp hair tweezers
("Needle" insertion can "drown" a little bit hair).
It is not necessary to train on a hand or a trunk - there hair are more thin and are less perpendicular to a skin surface, than on the person. It is more difficult to get to them.
Lethal dose for one follicle - a charge (product of force of a current in milliamper for the period of current giving in seconds) an order 5 miliculon.
The first some tens hair will not turn out, then gradually you we will get
Necessary skills.

Optimum time of influence of a current for hair.

Optimum time for average hair:
1мА - 15 s
0,75мА - 20 s
0,6мА - 25 s
0,5мА - 30 s
Force of a current changes from contact to a spoon or other electrode on a course epilatcion.
It has been noticed, that at very dry skin the current decreases to two times, but quality, (signs) epilaction remain.
Thin hair, with superficial roots, demand even less time.

Useful advice.

Before and after epilation to wipe a face skin, fingers and a needle spirit or bought in a drugstore "calendula tincture", after to powder a wadded tampon (patting, instead of wiping)
Within three days several times in day children's powder - it absorbs an exuding moisture, reducing formation of crusts.
Crusts which are formed on the person after epilation, it is impossible to break.
It can lead scars. Crusts should to allow disappear time.
The hypostasis, small turgidity of the person and reddening, is a normal phenomenon.
In couple of days it will pass.
The stranger, in case of questions, always it is possible to tell, that it is an allergy or irritation from shaving.
There can be serovato-pink specks - they pass during half a year.
It is necessary not to delete all hair successively, and to "thin out" them, with an interval 3-5 mm there are less, differently it is easy to damage a skin (face skin burns).
In the summer to try not to get under direct solar beams, - there can be on the person pigmentary stains.
As at independent epilation it is possible most to get any place on the person and on a neck.
It is necessary, simply left hand to shift a skin forward so that it was visible where to insert an electrode.

That means to thin out.

One more important council:
NEVER do эпиляцию on one site, (the size 1Х1 sm or something about that).
The matter is that if will do эпиляцию all filaments on one site, in one place can be traumatised in the form of a burn. It is not necessary to do to itself scars on the person!
Is better to be engaged do next to each other. It is desirable with an interval of not less than 3 mm.
Then it is possible to avoid about what it is written above.

Often ask: On how many it is sick?

The main thing be not afraid! Still nobody died of it.
In general a pain at a method galvanic weak so anaesthesia is not necessary.
Also has swelled it is less, and it is less than crusts or at all form.
After a session epilation to grease a skin with a calming cream containing an extract of a camomile and an aloe the Belief.
Or to powder children's powder - it absorbs a liquid which can exude from the processed follicles. It reduces chances of formation of crusts, as after a burn or a graze, only the small.

The main council: be afraid of NOTHING!
As speak: "Eyes to be afraid, - hands do!"
There is more than self-trust and at you all to turn out!

Avtor © ® Zhanna Wilde
Статья публикуется по материалам,
TGrus groups, и личного опыта., 2007.

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